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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Forward-Facing® Trauma Practice: 

A Cognitive Behavioral Somatic Therapy


J. Eric Gentry, PhD, LMHC, DAAET


Time: 9am-5pm (Program)

Location: Live Webinar

Credits: 6.5 CEUs (NYS LMSW/LCSWs, LMHCs, LMFTs, Psychologists)

Cost: $199 Individual, $109 Early Bird (register by 10/27/23), $99 Super Saver (register by 9/15/23),

$89 5+ Group (same organization), $75 Grad Students



Designed to augment the skills for Clinical Trauma Professionals, this advanced course integrates recent developments in the field of trauma treatment to provide our clients a more robust, effective, and gentle path towards helping them heal the current effects of their painful pasts. The mission of this course is to help trauma practitioners understand the importance of and gain competence with addressing the somatic and neurophysiological manifestations of traumatic stress before beginning to treat cognitive and behavioral issues.

Drawing from the soon-to-be-published Trauma Practice IV: A Cognitive Behavioral Somatic Therapy (Baranowsky & Gentry, in press), this workshop is dedicated to practitioners who frequently treat clients suffering from posttaumatic stress, PTSD, and C-PTSD. The training focuses upon skills development – not theoretical approaches. It will offer hands-on, practical, and easy-to-implement interventions for our clients.

The course will first provide multiple somatic, cognitive and behavioral strategies for early treatment to help our client achieve safety and stabilization. We will practice and engage these skills throughout the morning. The afternoon will focus upon learning and practicing Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) process for desensitization and integration of traumatic memories. Participants will learn how to help clients create five separate narratives. The protocol instructs clients in the creation of a timeline, written and pictorial narrative in preparation for their sharing of a verbal narrative. A recursive narrative—told by the therapist to their clients—completes the five-narrative process. This intervention is a powerful story-driven procedure to help survivors address, articulate desensitize, and integrate their trauma memories that have been causing them distress here in the present.

Participants of this course will be invited to learn and master this protocol by working through a mild past experience from their own lives. Join us for this charged, exciting and safe training to evolve your trauma practice.


Participants of this workshop will be able to:

1.Articulate the essential elements of positive outcomes for treatment with clients suffering from posttraumatic stress;

2.Construct treatment plans for clients that contain somatic, cognitive and behavioral interventions for safety and stabilization phase of treatment;

3.Practice specific somatic, cognitive and behavioral interventions for rapid stabilization and symptom amelioration in early treatment;

4.Discover which interventions (e.g., cognitive, behavioral, or somatic) that work best with each client and organize future treatment drawing from groups of skills which are more effective with each individual client;

5.Synthesize skills of this course for immediate application with current clients

6.Demonstrate through experiential training the capacity to implement a Narrative Exposure Therapy protocol that uses five (5) narratives in a single-session to assist clients with desensitization and integration of trauma memory.

Speaker: J. Eric Gentry, PhD, LMHC, DAAETS, FAAETS 

J. Eric Gentry, PhD, LMHC, DAAETS, FAAETS is an internationally recognized leader in the study and treatment of traumatic stress and compassion fatigue. His Ph.D. is from Florida State University where he studied with Professor Charles Figley—a pioneer of these two fields. In 1997, he co-developed the Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP) for Compassion Fatigue—the world’s only evidence-based treatment protocol for compassion fatigue. In 1998, he introduced the Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist Training and Compassion Fatigue Prevention & Resiliency Training. These two trainings have demonstrated treatment effectiveness for the symptoms of compassion fatigue, and he has published these effects in several journals. He has been the director or co-director of The Traumatology Institute (FSU), The International Traumatology Institute (USF), International Association of Trauma Professionals, Arizona Trauma Institute and The Forward-Facing® Institute. Over 200,000 health professionals have been trained in these methods over the past 25 years.

He is the author or co-author of over 20 books, scores of research articles, chapters and digital media presentations on these topics. These books include: Forward-Facing® Trauma Therapy: Healing the Moral Wound; Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience: Prevention & Resolution of Burnout, Toxic Stress and Compassion Fatigue (with Jim Dietz, MD); Forward-Facing® for Educators: A Journey to Professional Resilience and Compassion Restoration (With Cheryl Fuller, MEd, and Rebecca Leimkuehler, Med); and Forward-Facing® Freedom: Healing the Past, Transforming the Present, and A Future on Purpose (with Jenny Brackman)

He is the President and CEO of The Forward-Facing® Institute and owner of Compassion Unlimited-- a private psychotherapy, training, and consulting practice—in Phoenix, AZ.  

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